Mallorca is an ideal destination for extreme sports lovers looking to push their physical and mental boundaries. The island is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea and packed with both natural and urban attractions which make it a dream location for extreme sports.

Sailing: To truly experience the breathtaking scenery of Mallorca, one of the best ways is to hop aboard a sailboat. The clear blue waters of the Mediterranean provide a perfect canvas to explore the amazing coastline of this Balearic Island.

Climbing: Mallorca is also renowned for its clifftop climbing over its tranquil coves, bays and rugged cliffs. The island offers a wide range of rock climbing spots from low level boulders to multi-pitched routes with great views of the sea.

Wakeboarding: Wakeboarding is definitely the sport that Mallorca is most commonly known for. The warm and crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean make the perfect playground for adrenaline junkies. The wide selection of private or school wakeboarding services, with experienced instructors, make this sport a great option for those willing to try something new.

Whether you choose to sail, scale the cliffs or wakeboard, Mallorca offers something for everyone, providing an unforgettable and once in a lifetime experience. With its unparalleled beauty and exciting extreme sports, it's no surprise that Mallorca has become a popular destination for thrill seekers looking to let loose and take on the elements.