Thomas Grasberger, a seasoned baker with a career spanning four decades, has honed his craft in some of Vienna, Austria's most prestigious bakeries, steeped in centuries of tradition. In those early days, the concept of sourdough bread as a separate category didn't exist, as all bread was essentially sourdough.

Thomas delved deep into the art of fermentation, understanding its intricate role in bread-making. He discovered how it influences not only the production process but also the final product's texture, taste, and color. It even affects the consumer's enjoyment and digestion. His quest for "real bread" led to the creation of Thomas' Bakeshop, which quickly gained a loyal following and eventually expanded into the Thomas' Bakeshop Boutique in Santa Catalina.

This establishment is a testament to the love of bread, striving to create the finest loaves with the simplest ingredients. The secret to their sourdough bread, croissants, laminated pastries, and other Austrian specialties lies in long, cold fermentation.