The western outskirts of Palma, the capital of Mallorca, extend to the scenic coves of Illetas, forming a coastal stretch that is not only one of the most developed but also one of the most coveted residential areas on the island. This chain of neighborhoods, each with its unique charm, blends seamlessly into a harmonious mix of relaxed beach resorts, verdant hillside communities, and a diverse population of locals and international residents. The area even boasts a royal touch, being the location of Marivent Palace, the Mallorcan vacation home of the Spanish royal family.

Cala Mayor, nearest to Palma, is gradually shedding its old-fashioned resort image, with contemporary renovations and new businesses adding a fresh sheen to the area. Its neighbor, San Agustin, is quietly emerging as one of the region's real estate hotspots, as evidenced by the completion of the luxury residential complex, Bendinat Mar. Cas Català, with its pine-clad hills and sea-view villas, has rightfully earned its status as one of Mallorca's most exclusive residential areas. Illetas, another low-key yet more refined resort, is characterized by its affluent vacation home community, best exemplified by the highly sought-after Anchorage holiday village. However, the true gems of Illetas are its two immaculate coves that attract a healthy mix of local residents, day visitors from Palma, and seasonal sun worshippers during the warmer months.