Balneario Illetas, often referred to as Las Terrazas and the Beach Club, stands as a beacon of luxury and serenity in the bustling island of Illetes. A mere 10-minute journey from Palma whisks you away to this idyllic retreat. Here, you're greeted by a world where tranquility meets sophistication. The club's setting, a blend of a sandy beach and a rocky cove, provides a stunning backdrop for a day of indulgence or relaxation.

The allure of Balneario Illetas lies in its ability to transform any ordinary day into an extraordinary experience. Whether you're an early bird watching the sunrise while enjoying breakfast, or someone who finds peace in the gentle evening breeze on a stylish terrace, this place has something for everyone. The panoramic views of the Mediterranean, combined with the club's thoughtful amenities, make every visit memorable.