The remarkable Drach Caves of Mallorca are a stunning natural wonder tucked away near Porto Cristo, a charming port city located on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean island of Mallorca. Descending deep into the rocky bowels of the Balearic coast, the Drach Caves are an awe-inspiring spectacle, with glittering underground lakes, towering chambers, and jagged, mesmerizing rock formations all illuminated by a variety of subtle and dazzling lighting.

The Drach Caves were first discovered in 1896, when two Mallorcan men, Antoni Amengual and Artur Crespí, ventured into the depths of the Balearic hills while searching for bats, and instead found the Drach Caves. Little was known about the caves until 1935, when a nearby landowner named Pedro Maimó entered the caves for the first time, eventually leading to a period of explorations and the caves being opened to the public.

Venturing inside the Drach Caves, visitors are instantly mesmerized by its intricate beauty. At an incredible depth of 60 to 90 meters, the entrance of the caves opens into a massive chamber called the Sala de la Galera. Here, visitors will witness some of the Drach Caves’ most extraordinary features. In fact, the Sala de la Galera is one of the largest underground chambers in the world, measuring an impressive 25 meters high, 55 meters long and 20 meters wide. A cold air hangs in the air, created by the combination of the sea air and the cave’s natural thermal vent.

Next, visitors will travel along walkways suspended above the St. Martí Lake, one of the two lakes that lie beneath the cave. Boats take passengers along the lake while a classical music concert is performed, creating a captivating experience. This part of the tour offers some of the best views of the cave, complemented by shimmering light reflections created by the stained glass windows that lead into the nearby Llac Martel Lake. Here, visitors will be amazed at the size of the lake, which is about 375 meters long and 25 meters wide.

Finally, visitors to the Drach Caves will explore the Sala de la Colombina Chamber, a spectacular domed chamber filled with impressive stalactites and stalagmites. A unique atmosphere awaits here, where visitors can witness nature’s sculptures as they take in the subtle and colorful lighting that adorns the chamber