Formentor, a hidden gem on the northern tip of Mallorca, is accessible by a single road, ensuring less traffic but not necessarily fewer visitors. The Cap de Formentor, famed for its breathtaking sunsets, draws a global audience. Despite the summer influx, Formentor reclaims its tranquillity in winter, nestled amidst Tramuntana pines and towering cliffs.

This region is where the Sierra de Tramuntana kisses the Mediterranean Sea, making it one of Mallorca's most picturesque living spaces. The landscape, adorned with dense forests, exudes a rugged charm unique to the island's north.

The iconic Hotel Formentor, established in 1930, has been a beacon of luxury, hosting celebrities for their summer retreats for decades.

Formentor residents are a select group, enjoying sea-front villas with pristine views. Owning a property here means possessing some of Mallorca's most coveted land. It's the sea-facing position that many envision when dreaming of a Mediterranean home.