Welcome, dear readers, to a culinary jewel nestled in the heart of Palma Centre & Marina, where Asian-Mediterranean cuisine unfolds its vibrant colours and aromatic flavours, tantalising the senses of every gourmand who steps into its warm embrace—welcome to Fera Restaurant & Bar. Just a minute away from Jaume III's bustling shopping area, this establishment serves as a perfect culinary escape, blending relaxed yet refined dining experiences with a contemporary edge.

As you stroll through the historic avenues of Palma and step into this restaurant, you'll find yourself amidst a symphony of traditions, cultures, and cuisines. Fera Restaurant & Bar is located on the ground floor of the Circulo Mallorquin, an emblem of heritage and prestige, being the island’s oldest and most distinguished social club. Here, history whispers through the walls of a beautifully restored old town palace, enveloping guests in an aura of elegance and timelessness.