Mallorca, an enchanting Spanish island, is home to some of the most incredible sunset viewing spots in the world. Three in particular come to the fore: Playa de Muro, Cap de Formentor and Es Trenc.

Playa de Muro is a stunning beach located on Mallorca’s northern coast in the Bay of Alcudia. This is the perfect spot to spend a peaceful afternoon. As the sun begins to set, the sand and water glisten, with the mighty backdrop of the Tramontana Mountains rising into the deep blue sky.

Cap de Formentor rises above the coastline of Mallorca and is well-known for being the island’s most stunning cliff faces. At over 400 meters high, the summit gives you a breathtaking perspective of the Mediterranean Sea. The golden-orange hues of the sky contrast brilliantly against the deep blue waters, creating a captivating view as the sun slowly slides beneath the horizon.

Es Trenc, situated in the southeast of the island, is Mallorca’s best-known, natural paradise beach. The tranquil and idyllic setting means you can enjoy the solitude of the almost deserted beach, bathing in the glorious sunshine and crystal-clear waters. Es Trenc also provides some wonderful sunset views and is one of the most picturesque spots on the island.