The European Golden Visa program is a great opportunity for those looking to get a residential permit in the European Union (EU). The requirements are straightforward and the entire process is manageable and easy to follow. Here is a list of the essential requirements necessary to obtain the golden visa:

1. Investment: To apply for the golden visa, you must invest at least €250,000 into the country in which you are applying. Investments can be placed into real estate, equity investments, government bonds, or local businesses.

2. Financial Capacity: You must also show that you have adequate financial ability to support yourself and your family. This typically means having a financial history of at least two years of proof of income and having enough money in an account to cover living expenses.

3. Good Character: You must also have a good character and a clean criminal record.

4. Mandatory Residency: After you receive the golden visa, you must spend at least seven days in that country during the first year, and at least fourteen days during the subsequent two-year period.

5. Citizenship: After the five-year period, applicants may apply for citizenship in the country in which they invested. However, the exact timeframe for citizenships applies to each country and is dependent on the specific regulations of that country.

6. Passport: Once citizenship is granted by the country, applicants then will receive a passport from that country.

7. Renewal: The golden visa must also be renewed every two years to stay in compliant with the regulations. Renewal will depend on country of residence, but typically includes additional investment, residency, financial ability requirements, and various government documentation.

By meeting these seven requirements, successful applicants can gain a great opportunity to live in the EU and enjoy a one-of-a-kind lifestyle with the European Golden Visa. The process may have several steps, but it is worth it for those looking to make the most of the opportunity.