Valldemossa sits high in the Tramuntana mountain range of Mallorca, framed by picturesque views, partially in the form of an amphitheater. The village dates back to the 13th century, situated in a narrow valley, surrounded by lush meadows and valleys of olive and almond trees. The oldest building in the village is the Church of Sant Bartomeu, built in the 14th century in Gothic style and considered one of the oldest in Mallorca.

Valldemossa is known for its beauty and hospitality, offering visitors a unique and intimate experience. The village is characterized by winding cobblestone streets lined with bright whitewashed houses, some with characteristic black slate roofs, giving it a classic Mediterranean feel. It is also famous for its wide variety of local delicacies.

The town hosts a number of annual festivals, such as the traditional vineyard competition, which is held every August in nearby Porreres and attracts crowds from all over the area. Cultural events such as the Easter Procession, held every Good Friday, attract people from all walks of life to experience the local traditions and colors.

Valldemossa is a sought-after destination thanks to its stunning scenery, unique local culture and history, and the friendliness of its inhabitants.